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The magic of tidying photos on your phone.

About the app

Want to start your own KonMari’s life changing magic with your phone photos? Keep your photo album forever de-cluttered?

Three-a-Day is a companion app that helps you build a habit to safely clean up photos every day (think of random sunset photos, we all have them!), as quick and easy as 5 seconds. Remember that many research show that cleaning up is best done daily. Just like cleaning up your kitchen, if you leave it for a month or even just a week, it becomes much harder.

Each day, the app uses daily reminders to guide you to clean up yesterday’s photos (note: yesterday, so that you would already have had the full day to process or play with your photos).

Cleaning up regularly is hard. We make it just a bit easier with a simple KonMari principle: the 90%-10% principle, to give you more clarity and priority when cleaning up.

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